Welcome everyone!

My very own blog, sounds exciting right? Getting to write about things that I want to write about, making my opinion known to one and all and then finally, establishing my voice via my blog-posts.

Oh wait, where are my manners and sense of etiquette: I haven’t introduced myself yet. Well Hi, my name is Jaye-Dee Jansen, but you can call me “JD” for short (hope that was funny).

I would like to think that I am a fun, loving, kind, gorgeous and out-going person. I say “I would like to think” because I too am in the process of getting to know myself, just like each and every one of you. Because of this process I tend to be a little indecisive about some things, but there is one thing that I will never change my mind about and that is my vision, my ambition and my drive to be the greatest success that I have ever come across. My life is most definitely no walk in the park and things do not necessarily fall into my lap, but I know that in the end all my blood, sweat and a whole lot of tears will be worth it.

At this moment I am a first-year journalism student and creating this blog is actually some kind of forced assignment. These lecturers are so smart hey?! They know that we as students so desperately want to get our names out there, so we best start working somewhere. That sounded bad, but no I do not plan on having this blog as a burden on me, I’ve actually wanted to start one a very long time ago, I just didn’t know where to start. I’m left with decisions to make about what I should name it, what it should be about, what would sound appropriate etcetera etcetera…

I like many things, so I don’t want to put my focus on something specific, for if I only had one focus point I’d be limiting myself, limiting my train of thought, limiting my horizons and basically putting more pressure on myself. So if I feel that one day I’d like to address a political issue I’d do exactly that, one day I’d like to address a social issue I’d do that and if one day I’d like to address some relationship/friendship/romantic issues well… just kidding, I would totally address that, there will be no limit to what I think is important or needs to be put out there. I will address them all in my blog. I will address it the best way I know how. Wait the word “issues” sounds like problems, so basically I’ll be addressing many topics in all spheres of life; whether it is music, romantic, social or even personal.

So yes, I now welcome you, dear reader, to my blog Paragraphicly Correct. Yes, I know there is no such word but allow me to be creative. Pronounced Paragraph-ick-lee and then Correct correct.

And yeah I said it!

Introductory picture, I hope you don't mind.

Introductory picture, I hope you don’t mind.


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