The Revolution of Journalism

Journalism is dying? Well I haven’t seen it going into cardiac arrest as of recent. What people mean by this is that compared to the new age of journalism; which is robojournalism, datajournalism, social media with its microblogs etc journalism is losing its essence. In my opinion, I think it is only changing the face of journalism as we know it. When one thought journalism in the past, immediately you’d think reading a newspaper, watching news on television or listening to what is happening around us on the radio. Today it is not that simple anymore.

As Randy Bennett (famous journalism blogger) mentions in his blog, “data will be at the core of everything media companies do going forward” ( Sure, but then I couldn’t agree more with a statement made on Aurora Comms blog which is as follows: “Well yes they would, and rightly so. Blogs offer opinion but can they really match up to the global reach of a highly-trained journalist network and can bloggers, even ‘super-bloggers’, present the quality of visual content we all know and love from the BBC?” ( And that is exactly why I think traditional media can not ultimately die.

Steven Buttry then argues that: “I’d argue that it’s also an essential form of community engagement.” (, it all comes down to how interactive and engaging that media platform is. And I must admit when it comes down to that, the new media is winning, commentary is faster and everyone has a chance to have “their say” put out there almost as fast as you can say go.


Journalism is dying? Prepare to get underpaid. Image compliments of

Journalism has changed but it’s not ultimately dying. The new age journalism is just a result of transformation within the industry. The principle of collecting and gathering news honestly and fairly basically stays the same. Saying that it’s dying basically means that it will no longer be around as a career or it being non-existent in the near future. This can be argued with the various styles of journalism maybe, like the traditional journalism and yes it is a fact that technology is taking over, but news channels should still be around, newspapers should still be around. As when one reads anything on social media, one reads shortened versions of the series of events. With traditional media one still has a chance to read to fully understand and grasp the context of what has happened. So sure, with the new media news travels faster, but traditional media is still the best way to understand news.


The beauty of just “doing you”…

India Arie said it best people; “I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectation, Noooo, I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within…” power to those words. Today, dear reader, Paragraphicly Correct is dedicated to you, you who feel depressed or oppressed by another’s opinion of your physical/outer being; those who have a problem with your hair, your skin, your clothes etc. This issue has always been exactly that, an issue where I’m from. It’s an issue I’ve been dealing with for many years, and I guess I’ll be sharing one of my ex-issues with you. I say ex-issue because I don’t really care about it anymore.

So my hair has always been an issue, living in the community I live in it (hair) has (and still is) always been part of the neighbourhood gossip, of course when there’s nothing better to talk about. The thing with my hair is that it never fitted within the “coloured” norm, or at least the coloured norm of where I’m from. So because I didn’t want to be given the funny face or sarcastic comments I did things to my hair that actually damaged it in the process, things like relaxers, hair-straightners, heat-appliances, basically things to give it that extra glossy shine. As soon as I saw that my hair was “going south” something had to be done about it immediately. Sometimes I could share a laugh about it, but when things got serious (seriously sad) it got serious. This has been an issue throughout my high-school life too, and you know high-school, everybody had an opinion about everything. So in order to keep my hair out of their mouths I made sure that I kept it in check. Whilst I was doing that I was losing the authenticity of my real hair.

My eyes actually opened once I started attending university, not that I’m saying varsity doesn’t have its own panel of  “Miss SA” judges or “Fashion Police” critics, but it’s there that I actually found myself and saw that people’s opinions about how you look or what you wear does not matter at all. I too, decided to embrace the culture of not worrying about what he/she says. So back to how this fits in with my hair situation, I went to my Aunt Lee-Ann so she could braid my hair and she asked if she could cut my hair, because at the time it had been a while since I touched a Dark & Lovely box and my roots seemed extremely thick. I actually thought long and hard about what I should do, eventually I was like why not? After that I braided my hair though, after 2 months of wearing the braids I took them out, washed my hair and guess what? I was sporting a nice new mini-afro. Since then, I’ve been inlove with my beautiful, African, nappy hair.

Today my hair is my pride, deciding to go against the norm that day never felt so good. I wear my beautiful “puff” as my crown with no care in the world of those comments and those faces. Because, as I referred to India Arie at the beginning of this piece, my hair is not who I am, I am the soul that lives within. And I’ve decided to live in accordance with my late grandma’s ideology to not worry about what’s on my head but rather what’s underneath it.

I’m not saying I’m totally unself-conscious about myself yet, as hair was never the only thing that kept me awake at night. Let’s just say resolving all the other issues are a work in progress because these things take time. But you know what, eventually I’ll get over it, to an extent that walking around naked won’t even be a problem (jokes, jokes, jokes)… I’ll just slowly but surely make it my mission to not conform to anyone’s norms of what/how I should or should not look.

In my own words featuring a little piece by India Arie and my late grandma’s logic.

How I looked a few years back.

How I prefer to look today.

Give me a man like Ted Mosby…

Today dear reader I’d like to dedicate my Paragraphicly Correct post to a fictional character, I hope you don’t mind. I guess if you continue reading you will understand why.

I want a man like Ted Mosby. You don’t know Ted Mosby? Oh.k, you know the guy from the comedy series How I Met Your Mother… the show that’s about a guy telling his son and daughter about the process of how he met their mother, that’s Ted. His character is played by Josh Radnor. Ted Mosby was the one who almost never got the girl. I shouldn’t be sentimental about it right, because the fact that he’s speaking to his kids about how he met their mother proves that he eventually got her. But no, I’ll continue telling you of the love I have for my main-man Ted.

As I mentioned previously he never got the girl. There was a time that I thought he already met that lucky lady (yeah, any girl would be hella lucky to have a man like him), the character called Robin. He seemed to be so happy with her, yet I could sense that she was not giving him her 100%. My instincts were true, they dated for a while, but eventually Robin fell inlove with one of Ted’s bestfriend’s, Barney Stinson (remember #WaitForIt :P), and she left Ted, Ted of course was heartbroken. One of the most saddest heartbroken men I’ve ever seen. Cause you see Ted, he is an extremely sensitive, gentle, tender-souled, all those things “the macho man” would find disgusting. When it came to love Ted loved with his whole heart, love to Ted was not something you play with and when he gives his heart there are no ulterior motives. So yes, his heart was broken by a woman he loved a lot. Ted went on to date a whole lot of girls, he never seemed to get over Robin though, but he tried his best. He dated beautiful women, crazy women and if I remember correctly, even an underage girl (I think it was Barney’s baby-sister, Paragraphicly Correct me if I’m wrong though). Ted has gone through major highs and lows on his quest for love.

What I love most about Ted is his perseverance and determination when it comes to the woman he loves, it actually took him some time to get out of being that timid/shy guy. Ted’s patience when it came to love is quite admirable. Robin, the woman he’s basically loved in every season of How I Met Your Mother, eventually marries Barney. Ted is happy for his friend yet sad to know that it will not be appropriate to love Robin anymore. It’s fine though, because at the end of the day we all know Robin aint his babymomma, she was yet to be discovered.

I haven’t watched the last season of How I Met Your Mother… yet (we all know how delayed can be), so I don’t really know how Ted is now. But there’s one episode that almost had me in tears. It was the episode where he spotted “Mother” and knew that she will be his future wife, he followed her all the way to her apartment, arrived at her doorstep and gave her this speech: “Hi I’m Ted Mosby, in exactly 45 days from now you and I are gonna meet and we’re gonna fall in love and we’re gonna get married and we’re gonna have two kids and we’re gonna love them and eachother so much. All that is 45 days away, but I’m here now, I guess because I want these extra 45 days with you, I want each one of them. But if I can’t have them I’ll take the 45 seconds before your boyfriend shows up and punches me in the face, because I love you, I’m always gonna love you till the end of my days and beyond.You’ll see.”

After that her boyfriend arrived and punched him. He left. It was the moment I asked myself how could such a good guy, such a gentleman be wandering around unhappily. You see when a woman has a Ted Mosby she has a rare gem, something you can not simply just let go, I mean like I’d really love a Ted Mosby. I can’t wait to see him happy (guess I need to check Youtube to see how he is).

 Ted’s story is basically one that inspires me, it tells me that no matter how long you wait, when things seem impossible and you think all hope is lost, when you start believing that there is nobody out there for you anymore and when your patience is running dry there is still a 100% chance that you’ll be happy and that your soulmate, the love of your life will eventually be in your life. So if you are in a situation where you believe there isn’t any hope for you think of Ted Mosby and think again…

In my own words featuring Ted Mosby.

Ted Mosby gives speech to future wife

“Ted Mosby gives a speech to his future wife”, image compliments of

Here’s to the fearless females of SA…

Today my blog post goes out to the fierce females, gorgeous girls and wonderful women of this beautiful country we live in. The mothers, the daughters, the wives and the sisters of South Africa. Today I commemorate the struggle and sacrifice made by those 20 000 women on their way to the Union buildings in Pretoria on the 9th of August 1956. Their fearlessness has caused for empowerment, not only for me, but for many women in our country.

I could go on and give you a Wikipedia styled explanation of this day; where it originates from, what caused the march, what happened at the march, who led the march, blah blah blah… but my name is not Google. Instead I’d like to talk about what this day means me to as a female in South Africa today and express my gratitude to those great “Wuman-beings”.

Today I am free to be whatever I want to be. Back then I was limited to only being a nurse, a teacher or a stay-at-home parent (I know I may not have been a thought at the time, my mother wasn’t even born in that era), but those women opened doors for our generation of women and young ladies. Today I am able to compete in male dominant fields of work, I can be an engineer or an architect, the possibilities for us today are endless (not that I want to be any of those).

Our gender is sometimes seen as vulnerable and weak, but thanks to those great ladies of 1956, we can have the world at our feet or, as Queen B would say, we can even run this mutha. But why does it look like we’re limiting this day to pampering activities? And boy do we love being pampered… but really now? This day is being limited to tea parties, spa treatments; you know all the superficial/materialistic things.

On Friday I approached my Radio/Broadcasting lecturer, Maxine Greef (who is also a newsreader at SmileFM, nudge nudge wink wink ;P ), and I asked her what Women’s Day has come to mean to her and the point she brought across really made me stop and think. Here’s what she had to say; “I find that in the last few years Women’s Day has come to mean to people an opportunity for big corporates and for radio stations and for companies to take women out on a high-tea , to give them a pamper session. For me Women’s Day shouldn’t be about that, Women’s Day is about commemorating a very important time in our country’s history. It’s a time when women stood up for their rights and it wasn’t just a small group of them, there were thousands of them. And for us to on Women’s Day reduce it to something like a high-tea or a spa treatment, that’s not what Women’s Day is about. And I find that Women’s Day should be about the day that I sit with my daughters so that I can explain to them what the history of this country is. To tell them that women should be honoured, women should be respected and that they have every right to have everything that everyone else has got. They can be anything they want to be, they can study whatever they want to, they can travel where ever they want to, they can go climb a tree or go race a car, they do not have to have any restrictions on them. I find with the media nowadays, there are so many restrictions on women, they’ve reduced us to talk about body shape and about how our hair looks and how we want to have the right to wear a bikini, we’ve always had the right to wear a bikini, we just need to take that right and for me that’s what I think I’ll do on Women’s Day and that’s what I want Women’s day to mean to my girls. That it’s not about us just going out to go and pamper ourselves, but to actually talk about what’s important, like women’s issues and not to be labelled a crazy-woman when we say we want equal rights, but to realise that we have power, women come with a whole community attached to them, everything that we do, the way we raise our children or when a lot of women support their families. The fact that in most jobs women get paid the least, they get or have menial jobs, they get paid so little that they don’t feel they have a voice and for me that’s what Women’s Day must be about, it’s about giving those women that can’t stand up for themselves a voice.”.

Now Paragraphicly Correct me if I’m wrong, but she’s totally right. There are women out there who are taking the initiative and making this day more educational, but we need to broaden this view more amongst ourselves as women. Let’s start educating ourselves and each other more about this day, select another day to spend at a spa and start schooling each other about what really matters in life. Things’ including self-development and self-empowerment goes a long way and I thank those women of 1956 for playing a role in that.

Happy National Women’s Day to each and every female in South Africa.

And yes I’ve changed my tagline to “in my own words…”, because this is all in my own words featuring Maxine Greef.

women's day

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Welcome everyone!

My very own blog, sounds exciting right? Getting to write about things that I want to write about, making my opinion known to one and all and then finally, establishing my voice via my blog-posts.

Oh wait, where are my manners and sense of etiquette: I haven’t introduced myself yet. Well Hi, my name is Jaye-Dee Jansen, but you can call me “JD” for short (hope that was funny).

I would like to think that I am a fun, loving, kind, gorgeous and out-going person. I say “I would like to think” because I too am in the process of getting to know myself, just like each and every one of you. Because of this process I tend to be a little indecisive about some things, but there is one thing that I will never change my mind about and that is my vision, my ambition and my drive to be the greatest success that I have ever come across. My life is most definitely no walk in the park and things do not necessarily fall into my lap, but I know that in the end all my blood, sweat and a whole lot of tears will be worth it.

At this moment I am a first-year journalism student and creating this blog is actually some kind of forced assignment. These lecturers are so smart hey?! They know that we as students so desperately want to get our names out there, so we best start working somewhere. That sounded bad, but no I do not plan on having this blog as a burden on me, I’ve actually wanted to start one a very long time ago, I just didn’t know where to start. I’m left with decisions to make about what I should name it, what it should be about, what would sound appropriate etcetera etcetera…

I like many things, so I don’t want to put my focus on something specific, for if I only had one focus point I’d be limiting myself, limiting my train of thought, limiting my horizons and basically putting more pressure on myself. So if I feel that one day I’d like to address a political issue I’d do exactly that, one day I’d like to address a social issue I’d do that and if one day I’d like to address some relationship/friendship/romantic issues well… just kidding, I would totally address that, there will be no limit to what I think is important or needs to be put out there. I will address them all in my blog. I will address it the best way I know how. Wait the word “issues” sounds like problems, so basically I’ll be addressing many topics in all spheres of life; whether it is music, romantic, social or even personal.

So yes, I now welcome you, dear reader, to my blog Paragraphicly Correct. Yes, I know there is no such word but allow me to be creative. Pronounced Paragraph-ick-lee and then Correct correct.

And yeah I said it!

Introductory picture, I hope you don't mind.

Introductory picture, I hope you don’t mind.

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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