Open Journalism Matters

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Open Journalism has been on the rise for many years. As new social media platforms are being opened so are job opportunities for certain people who feel they want their “say” to be put out there. Open journalism is close to citizen journalism whereas the ordinary citizen, who also does not have the certain “paper qualifications”, has a chance to have their opinion heard whether it be by SMS, a comment section online or by writing letters to the editor. With open journalism “There are no style guides to be read, no editors to be consulted, no rules to be followed.” Today’s piece will discuss how News24 and other news organisations that limit comments on articles and other forms of UGC inhibit the potential for ‘open journalism’.

“Creating relevant and engaging content, gathering and amplifying citizen voices and Opening up innovative news sources” these are all the things open journalism brings about; it sparks interest and engagement amongst readers. It makes the reader feel important and that their opinions actually count for something. Another source of open journalism not only lays in comments for articles but also on the social media platforms as said by Dunja Mijatovic on a blog post; “Open Journalism is an appropriate catch-all for these new sources”. So all won’t be forlorn, for one can just share the article on twitter or Facebook and spark some conversation around it via a comment by your friends or followers. So maybe one can still tell these organisations limiting comments that they may limit their comment section as there are other ways of letting one’s concerns be known, but this still leaves their transparency in question.

Open journalism is very much needed in the society one finds oneself in today. A society that wants to keep important information private and secluded, and journalism and secluding information would never work. “Journalism in a sense is a mechanism for transferring power to people who are in the dark”, said by Melanie Sill.

Well, to me these news organisations that limit comments on articles are really limiting the potential on open journalism. Open journalism has the potential to create a story within a story. Open and Journalism are actually two complimentary terms as open means to be honest, transparent, truthful etc. these terms are equivalent to what journalism should also stand for. To be transparent, open and truthful at all times. So limiting comments on articles could take strain on open journalism and limit transparency and truthfulness.