Look who went Caitlyn Jenner on ya!

In case you can't see the difference from where you're reading from.

In case you can’t see the difference from where you’re reading from.

Hello everyone, don’t worry it’s still me. And if you’re worrying about whom “me” is, it’s JD, and if you haven’t noticed Paragraphicly Correct has gotten a face-lift. I have decided to try something new with my blog so that it can be a reflection of yours truly.

My previous theme seemed like a bore if I do say so myself, content aside. I mean the content I produced on there was quite beautiful (blowing my own horn much), but when I looked at the presentation it still didn’t look like Jaye-Dee Jansen. I had an 80’s themed header that looked quite exciting, but that’s where it stopped at the header. Going down you’d find the title of my next piece, the content and then a little picture to maybe excite your mind after reading a 400-700 words piece. Honestly speaking I would have slept a long time ago.

But (drum-roll…), look at me now. I have background pictures now (featuring me). I have a mustard background for my content, tweeked my font a little and lastly my blog name, Paragraphicly Correct, and my tagline, “in my own words…”, is a little smaller and orange.

I feel that this make-over was long overdue, so please where ever you find your yourself reading now, raise that cellphone, tablet, laptop, computer (not so much) etc, this is to the new better looking and an improved Paragraphicly Correct.

Do note that this is a very short piece just talking about my blog’s face-lift.

In my own words…


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